Re: Micrologic AV skipping on playback of multiple tracks

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Posted by Haig on January 25, 2000 at 00:10:39:

In Reply to: Micrologic AV skipping on playback of multiple tracks posted by Dave Jordan on January 23, 2000 at 11:21:45:

: Question: I'm recording midi tracks from a QS6.1 to a Compaq computer using Micrologic AV included with the ALesis synth. The computer has a 533mhz chip and 64K of ram. On mult-track recordings, it seems to skip during playback. Do I need more ram or a faster chip, or can I modify some settings. If anyone can help, thanks!

It might be a configuration issue with your system. Check device manager to see if you have no irq conflicts in your system. Make sure you have DMA enabled for your hard drives. MAKE SURE you DO NOT have a cd rom on the same chain as your hard drive.

It might also be a bus mastering issue with your compaq. If your compaq is using an AMD CPU, then you gotta get all those busmastering and agp patches for that mobo. Make sure that you PCI cards are in slots that actually support bus mastering. Some motherboards will have 3 pci slots charing one bus mastering bus. Also, don't put any cards in the 1st slot that's beside the agp slot. These allways chare the same irq.

I do know that at work, Compaq systems were tested for video capture and it sucked. The motherboard couldn't even handle any sustained data rate above 2Mbytes/sec.

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