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Posted by Bob on January 27, 2000 at 21:54:00:

In Reply to: Programming QS 8.1 posted by Beverly on January 25, 2000 at 16:36:06:

: Two programming questions for QS8.1:
: 1. How can I reduce the breathiness in some of the programs, especially some of the
: vocal and flute programs.
: 2. Which programming parameters affect how long it takes from the time you press a key until
: you hear a sound. This does not appear to be a velocity issue, but it's something else. I'd like to
: modify some programs where all the voices don't sound at once so that there's less of a delay.
: Thanks -- any help would be appreciated.
Breathiness is part of the sampled waveform, especially on flutes and voice sounds.In preset edit mode,voice assign,disable voices 1-4, 1 at a time to single out the biggest offender, then page to Amp Envelope parameters.Increase attack time,this will cause the sound to start slowly after key is depressed and may diminish breathy attack portion of sample sufficiently.These parameters can be set individually for each of the 4 sampled waveforms that make up your patch. Hope it helps.If you need further assistence, you can e-mail to

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