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Posted by woody on February 03, 2000 at 23:36:19:

In Reply to: Getting channel 1 to shush! posted by Gary B. on January 27, 2000 at 23:09:26:

: Hi,
: When using a multi-mix I can't seem to get Channel 1 to be quiet when I'm trying to play another channel. Lately I've just turned it's volume down to nothing. I know there's a better way. Why does it do that anyway? Anybody know how to make it behave?

I had this trouble once, and found a way to alleviate it without sequencer intervention. I turn all the midi OUT channels on my boards to OFF. and only turn ON the channel I want to play on for that song.This makes sure you never have to worry about the sequencer accidentally echoing your stuff to another channel. Embarassin as heck ina live gig.

the way to do this is as follows.

Press Mix, select the mix to want to turn the channels on/off. Press Edit Select to get into edit mode. Press 0 to 15 to select the channel you want to turn off/on.. Then press the 90 key which puts you into the Keyboard/Midi edit page. Press the Page right key a couple time till you see MIDI OUT, turn this to off.

This is how its doen on a QS6 i am assuming the keys are the same. I beleive the sections Im describing are anyway. basically they are all the same inside.

Good luck


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