Re: Which synth should a first time-synth / long time piano player buy - QS4,6 or 6.1??

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Posted by William Hildebrand on February 06, 2000 at 18:14:21:

In Reply to: Re: Which synth should a first time-synth / long time piano player buy - QS4,6 or 6.1?? posted by Paul on October 24, 1999 at 17:54:54:

: : I am a piano player and my only experience with electronic boards is my 10 year old Casio. The first
: : synth I considered buying was the Korg M-1, in the store I was very impressed. Recently I have come
: : into a good deal on a few Alesis brands - QS4, QS6 or QS6.1 Now I have to choose...

: : My wish list is like this - I want really good natural sounds first, second the ability to sequence on my
: : 100 mhz Pentium (win95), ease of use, key action, and hopefully 76 keys. Anything in addition would
: : be a plus - ( a considerable upgrade from a 10 year old Casio... )

: : I can find very little factual info on the QS4 and QS6 on the web. Does either one have 76 keys and
: : do what I'm wishing for?

: : Could somebody out there give me some good advice - I can get a deal on these models but I am
: : a bit overwhelmed by all the features and differing opinions on review sites I've visited. I am a
: : piano player-hobbyist, I would use this to play at church and maybe weddings.

: : Thanks

: Hi Greg, I don't know where you got the QS4 model number, but it basically doesn't exist. (probably the S4? older, outdated model)
: The QS6.1 is a 61-key synth, the QS7.1 is 76-key both with synth keys (organ-type). The QS8 or QS8.1 is an 88-key piano type action. All the models are basically the same sound engine, but the QS7.1 and QS8.1 have 3 pedal outputs, 4 audio outputs. The QS8 or 8.1 has very good action (also adjustable touch, electronically) The piano sounds are Bosendorfer samples (I prefer Steinway myself, I used to sell Bosendorfers) and are sampled fairly well. You really need to try the 8 if your a piano player. Price is around $1500 new, there have been a few used ones on e-bay auction @ $1350 for 8.1 and @ $1000 for 8 a few years old.
: I have the QS8, had it 15 months, use it in church occasionally for special services when I'm asked to. I also have Classical Q-card and Sanctuary Q-card. Both have excellent samples/voices for use in Contemporary Christian AND semi-traditional music settings.
: I have found the Alesis to be a much better value than the Korgs, rolands, and Kurzweils (although these are excellent machines also). Some of the other brands have 'on board sequencers' in their better price ranges, but the Alesis boards provide an on board method of playing your own sequences thru the flash ram cards that plug into the rear card slots. You can load up to 50 sequences from your computer into a card (100 if you use cards in both slots) and play them anytime you wish by selecting them on your QS keyboard. However, you cannot adjust the tempo of the sequences once they're loaded into the flash ram card. You also can play each sequence from the beginning ONLY. You can't do an 'extra chorus' of a sequenced p & w song unless you have already loaded it that way from the computer. The only thing against the QS8 & 8.1 for church is it's weight. 60 pounds. I wish it were lighter, but then it would not be as strong, but it's still lighter than my old rhoades stage 73. I use a pro-tec semi-hard case, a Yorkville 300K stereo keyboard amp, Quiklok 550 stand, and a $40 hand cart to carry them on. I also have an 'el-cheapo' evolution MK149 49-note keyboard that plays one of the midi channels on the QS8. I like to play strings or organ on the 149, and piano or E.P. on the QS8. The synth keys on the 149 are easier to play very fast riffs than on the piano action of the QS8. Hope this gives you a little insight in your purchase. Good luck and God bless! P.W.

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