Keyboard curve and dynamic range

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Posted by JJ on February 16, 2000 at 12:19:52:

The QS8 manual says that with weighted option keyboard will have a wider dynamic range and when playing softly, notes will be softer than with plastic option. In my QS8, with plastic option on, when I play REALLY softly there comes no sound at all, but with weighted option on, I allways hear sound no matter how soft I play. I'm a little confused... Shouldn't it be just the other way around?

Another thing: When keyboard curve is set to maximum, the keyboard gives always the maximum volume. But when I play with plastic or weighted option turned on, no matter how hard I play, I never reach the same volume as with maximum option on. I mean that when plastic or weighted option is on there is no way I can get the keyboard transmit maximum volume(127) to synth. And changing keyboard scaling doesn't help...

Is there something wrong with my QS8 or does all QS8:s act like this?!?! I would really like to get more dynamics out of my keyboard...

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