Nanosynth and changing Drum kits

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Posted by Reuben H on February 18, 2000 at 06:11:42:

Please can you help ?

I own A NanoSynth which is great, but for one problem, the
changing of the drums. When I go to change the drums nothing
happens! Just keeps using the same drum sound, The only way I have
found is to fix the problem (short term) is to upload the factory
user bank with freeloader, This seems to fix the problem but only
short term Its soon back again and I can't change the drums. I am
finding this quite anoying now. Do you know of anyway to fix this
problem or what is causing it ?

I am using cakewalk pro audio 8 with the nanosynth instrument
definitions. I and sending controller 0 to change banks as per
the instruction manual and using channel 10 for the drums, all
other instruments seem to change and respond fine but not the
drums.. Its doing my head in, one minute there working the next
back to the one kit!

I have sent a memo to Alesis tech support twice but still no replay

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