Re: QS6.1 - Patch Editor solution that works?

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Posted by AJ on February 18, 2000 at 09:51:25:

In Reply to: QS6.1 - Patch Editor solution that works? posted by Tom Wilson on February 18, 2000 at 08:12:02:

: Howdy...

: I have a QS6.1 I'm pretty happy with, and need to back up the user patches. I'm not having much luck :) I've tried:

: Soundiver: Both demo and QS version from CD simply can't find the synth. I've emailed their support, email it seems, is sucked into the same black hole the Alesis support address is pointed at.

: MidiQuest: Demo sees the synth but gives transmission errors right off. It also completely scrambled the user memory of my JV-90 (you think some synths have wierd sounds... what a mess). I had a backup. Haven't emailed them.

: Freeloader: Did a dump and saved my user bank to disk (.syx file). Dumped a QS6 user bank from a web site. Neat. Didn't like the sounds. Sent the backed up user bank back to the synth. Fine, no errors. No changes either. I tried everything; reboot the synth, the PC, sent it in every possible mode. No errors, no changes in the user patches. Franticly downloaded the 6.1 user bank from this site, loaded it and .

: So I'm not having much luck. I'd say something's wrong with my midi connections but Cakewalk etc. work just great. Any advice? I've checked Alesis for the latest versions of stuff, it's the most recent they have. I have:

: Windows 98, PIII/450, SBLive
: QS6.1 connected via serial cable
: Alesis serial driver v1.0
: Freeloader 2.3.2 (I think)

: Thanks
: Tom

I think you should download the latest alesis driver for the serial port at

They say that the version is 3.04.
I hope this cures your problem.

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