Re: help with cakewalk and QS8 midi.... please!!

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Posted by Jeff W on February 20, 2000 at 23:03:52:

In Reply to: Re: help with cakewalk and QS8 midi.... please!! posted by Bob on February 19, 2000 at 11:47:10:

: : Bob,
: : Thanks for the ideas. I tried what you said, but still no luck.

: :
: : : First, try sending from CW in multi mode, and check specific channel assignments.As for "No Quarter", the key to this patch is the effects.

: : You mean don't use "midi omni" right? Use midi channel 1, etc? If so, I tried it. You say the key to the patch is the effects. Shouldn't the patch play with it's preset effects? Isn't that what a patch is... a sound with a certain combination of effects applied? Anyway, it seems to me that I should be able to hear the same thing whether I'm playing under midi in Cakewalk, or playing the QS8 in solo mode.

: : : While QS8 is in Mix mode, the channel that the patch is assigned to and the effect channel for the entire mix must be the same.Also, make sure the effect level is up all the way on same channel.This may make other patches in the mix sound funky(deep chorus). The alternative is to send on aux outs and process "No Quarter" externally
: : : with a juicy thick chorus thru plate or room verb.

: : Could you elaborate? I'm a little new to this. What is the effect channel for the entire mix? I tried adjusting the reverb and chorus in the console view. Sure it changes the sound, but it's still not the No Quarter patch that I get when playing solo. I hear what you're saying about external processing... but I bought the QS8 so I wouldn't need external equipment (and, frankly, I can't afford it now).

: : OK, I'm focusing on "no quarter"... but there are many patches that just don't sound right when I select them in CW. I'm doing this test with only one channel in the CW project... so, it's not that I have two channels assigned to the same midi channel. There HAS to be a way to get exactly the same sounds out of the QS8 under midi control. My composition process starts with me just dinking around with different melodies in solo mode. After I'm happy with it, I fire up CW and start "recording" it.

: : Help!!!??????!!!

: : Perplexed,
: : Jeff W

: Jeff, what I was trying to get at w/ CW Midi Mode is to make sure you are sending data in the proper mode. Tere are 4 modes,1:OmniOn/Poly;2:OmniOn/Mono;3:(Multi Mode),OmniOff/Poly,Where each multitimbrel part plays polyphonically on it's own channel.4:OmniOff/Mono;normally used for mono controllers such as wind,etc.
: You want to set CW to transmit in Mode 3.
: In your QS8 manuel, look up effects in the Mix Edit Mode section. It should explain that only one effect configuration can be used with a Multitimbrel Mix.The patch assigned to each of the 16 channels can have it's own effect level and Buss assign, but ONLY ONE configuration. This effect is the one that is tied to the patch that is assigned to the FX channel. You select one of the 16 channels that has the Patch/effect you desire.This parameter is found in one of the pages in Mix Edit Mode.All of the other patches on the other channels in the Mix will use this effect configuration,so some will not sound the same as they do with their own effects in program mode.
: Hope this clears some of your problems up.Good Luck!

Thanks for the info. I understand, now. Do you know of any keyboards that have separate effects for each channel?
Jeff W

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