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Posted by Bob on March 04, 2000 at 17:29:16:

In Reply to: Sequencing and effects configurations posted by Olle on March 03, 2000 at 16:46:20:

: Hello

: Am I the only one that like to use both hammonds with overdrive and pianos in the same songs. Well I'm starting to wonder cause it seem that noone is able to solve my problem.

: I want to use a hammond on ch.1 and a piano on ch.2 for sequencing in
: Cubase. Now I really want the Hammond to sound like it should (with overdrive) therefor I
: have to use effectconfiguration #5 (1 Send with all the effects)

: Question: Is it possible to just use the reverb (no overdrive)for ch.2 (piano) and shut
: off the other effects or is the only option to play the piano dry?

: Olle

Try changing the Bus assignment for your piano patch on ch.2. If you cannot isolate it to reverb only, the your options are to run it dry, or assign to aux. output and use an external processor.Assign output for individual channels in Mix Edit Mode.

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