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Posted by Paul W on March 06, 2000 at 07:30:29:

In Reply to: Question on Volume-Expression Pedals posted by Drasch on February 29, 2000 at 02:22:22:

Well, the easy way out of that would be to get a second pedal. I use a ev-5 for volume and happen to have a cheap yamaha volume pedal that came with my old ps-series keyboard. (it doesn't have a model # on the pedal, sorry) but it's the yamaha pedal that uses a RCA jack to plug into the 'board (I use thew yamaha pedal with an adapter to plug into the qs8 "pedal 2" to change lezlie speeds on user and sram programs and mixes) But a second pedal makes it easier. Also, you could use a momentary or push-on/push-off pedal to change lezlie speeds as well in pedal input 2. (you would have to hold down the momentary pedal to 'keep the effect on'. PW

: Hi,

: I've recently purchased a QS8.1 and got a ROLAND EV-5
: Expr pedal now.
: I'm trying to set up the pedal to work for live performance, so i would like to have different settings affected by the pedal.
: On most programs it is used as volume pedal (Global
: Settings: Pedal1:Midi ctrl 007).
: The problem when assigning for instance lesly speed is that I would have to change the Global settings so the pedal won't effect the volume but only the lesly speed.
: For live performance this is not useful.

: Does anybody know a way to setup the QS so the pedal
: would work the way described above?
: I know I can assign the pedal individually for each program to control volume and to set the Global pedal1
: settings to affect nothing, but that means that I have to change all used programs, so I guess there has to be a better way.

: Thanxs for help,
: Drasch

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