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Posted by Michael on March 07, 2000 at 15:40:52:

In Reply to: Sequencer posted by Woody on March 06, 2000 at 12:58:37:

: Im lloking for a good sequencer that will run on my laptop. I have an old Compaq Contura 486sx33, and what i want to do, is using hte serial port out on the laptop, be able to download Midis i have done in Cakewalk Po Audio 8 into the Laptop for lay back live on stage, this way I dont have to lug a desktop PC to and from the gigs. The gear I haul alredy is enough. Ever wonder why keyboard players are all hunchbacked??

: Anyway, Hard drive space is a consideration as well as ram, it has 12 meg of ram, and I only have a 250mb HD though I may add an external drive if necesary, it has win 95 on it. Was wonderin if i could find an OLD version of cakewalk if it would still play the newer MIDI's made by CW8.

: Well any help would be appreciated. I dont need audio support BTW. Just the MIDI, Though i do need to be able to upload Sysex once in a while.

: Thanks,

: Woody'
Woody, PG Music(, makes an excellent SEQ. it is called PowerTracks($29US$). It handles syx and requires about 12-15Mb drive space. 48 Tracks(mid and/or audio). Supports multiple midi output devices. For $29 you can't go wrong, buy it directly from PG Music, and you get 30 day "money back". If Cakewalk can export or "save as" as standard midi, PT can play it. If you go with PT, choose "Custom Installation", and deselect the demo song, the demo song file is many times larger than the program file.
Good Luck -Michael P.S. PT has up to 960ppq timebase and supports SMPTE, Midi time code,MIDI.

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