Re: How to use Pedal to control Leslie effects (mod wheel)???

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Posted by Paul W on March 11, 2000 at 19:12:29:

In Reply to: How to use Pedal to control Leslie effects (mod wheel)??? posted by James M. Benshoff on March 11, 2000 at 13:32:52:

: I'm still (2 years later!) trying to figure out how to use Pedal 1 to turn on and off Leslie effect on organ programs/mixes (QS7). I've been through the manual MANY times, and still can't seem to figure out the steps needed to do it (although I've figured out that it's definitely POSSIBLE!). All help (step-by-step, please) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

OK I'll give you an example to work with. First the settings are slightly different when you use "overdrive & Lezlie " or "leslie & reverb" but they're basically the same. Start with an organ program, lets say preset 1, program 21 (high-life). Press edit select twice to edit program effects. Then press 60 ('mod' in effects row), go to page 4, it should read 'mod2src:mod whl', now press value up 4 times (it should read "pedal one") at this point you can try your pedal 1 to change the leslie speed from fast to slow and back again. If you want to use your pedal 1 to do this to all of your leslie organ setups, you MUST, MUST, MUST store this organ program to user program or sram card. If you change to another voice without storeing , you will loose the ped 1/leslie control. So prepare your user bank or sram card to receive a good number of organ/lezlie setups. Also, if you are using your pedal 1 for volume control, you must disable your volume setting by pressing edit select and 'global', then go to page 12 and change the setting from "007" to "004". If you want to use your ped 1 as a volume pedal again, you must change the global back to 007 each time. (the global settings do not 'store' with program changes. The e-z solution to that problem is to get another pedal for your pedal 2 input. In other words, use pedal 1 for 007 (volume)and pedal 2 for 004 (mod). I have both ped 1 and 2 in use and it works great for me. If you opt for the pedal 2 option, then you select the pedal 2 for the 'mod'(60 button) destination instead of ped 1. Remember, you MUST store your individual 'modified' organ programs to user bank or sram card bank or they will NOT retain the leslie/pedal change ability. I have found no way to use the pedal 1 or 2 to change the preset bank 1,2,3,4,gm, etc. banks leslie/pedal settings unless stored to user or sram with modifications. Hope this helps you out. If you need more help, feel free to e-mail me.

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