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Posted by Larry Kehl on March 14, 2000 at 22:46:16:

In Reply to: qs7.1 versus xp30 posted by benny on March 14, 2000 at 16:49:40:

I agree with Gael but for slightly different reasons.

1. For the record I have a QS8 and an XP-30 (as well as other equipment) - but I'm not a keyboard player (guitar is my thing). One thing for sure, get someone else’s opinion about QS vice Roland keyboard actions. But I can compare synth engines and sounds.

2. Doing a quick check (just as a price check point) Riks Music (in their buyers club - which is the same price if you email them and ask for a quote) the XP-30 is $995 the QS7.1 is $899.95. So basically you save $100 and get another octave on the keyboard.

2. While the XP effects are more extensive and "easier" to implement in the mix, the QS has both a mains out (with effects) and aux out (no effects - i.e., dry outs). So you can add external effects by routing some sounds/patches to the AUX for external processing and some to the mains using internal QS effects. This equals more flexibility. However, the Roland (XP) effects are better than the Alesis (QS) effects - IMHO.

3. AS far as "sounds", some are better on the QS than the XP and some of the XP are better than the QS. The XP piano on the "Sessions" expansion board (which is built-in to the XP) IS better than the QS piano(s) (except in the highest registers). In general I like the strings and some woodwinds on the XP better than QS. I will not compare other sounds - this gets to be very subjective and depends on application (studio vice live, background vice foreground, etc. etc…. Some days I like the Alesis stuff some days the Roland (and some days NEITHER).

4. To get the best of both (if you do like more than a few of the Roland sounds) get the QS7.1 AND the JV-1010 expansion module ($419 again at Riks). The JV-1010 has the "sessions" board built-in and has one free expansion slot. Since you save approx. $100 on the QS keyboard you only need to shell out $320 to have the better QS keyboard (more outputs, more keys, easier to use controller "wheels", easier to add "expansion cards") AND the Roland Sounds. Be aware, the JV-1010 module (while the same as the XP sounds and effects) is not easy to use in a live performance setting. It only has a numeric display read-out for EVERYTHING and must be edited using an editor and a PC to get to more than patch, mix -called performance on JV/XP, GM selections.

5. Clearly, I'm not a one "synth type" kind of person. I like some of the Alesis, some (actually a lot) of the Roland, and some of the Korg sounds. I have yet to meet the perfect (and affordable) synth, which has the best of breed in each class (i.e., best of EACH instrument).

6. Last item - while you can burn you own samples in the QS (and THIS IS A BIG PLUS) if you haven't done sampling before this is not trivial - to get usable results. However, when you move up to sampling - the QS will be ready to use it.

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