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Posted by Spiderkahn on March 21, 2000 at 21:12:13:

In Reply to: Re: qs7.1 versus xp30 posted by Gael on March 14, 2000 at 20:55:11:

Really in terms of quality of keyboard, the extra keys, and the overall build quality; the QS7.1 beats the XP-30. But in terms of sounds, man their ain't no comparison. The Xp-30 Simply has a butt-load more, and they are quality. You get 3 built in sound libraries (that use to cost about $250 each). Plus the sounds of the XP-30 cover more bases by far. The QS's built in samples are sounding old. The QS7.1 has 16 megabytes of samples in it's Rom. The XP-30 has 64Megs (Uncompressed, Linear, According to Roland Tech Support).

You do the math....

: Well, the QS is, for my part, much more original than the XP30 for several points: the QS has more warmth and deepness in its sounds than the XP which sounds a little bit thin to me and also as you said, you can load your own samples into the QS and that is a real plus! you can turn the synth into a sampler and in a very easy way with the latest Soundbridge version which allows mapping.
: The QS has expandability features as well with those "famous" Qcards (Not all of them are good), a better keyboard feel, a digital output, and a really powerful synth engine.
: Hope that helps to make up your mind!

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