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Posted by Rod on March 26, 2000 at 15:16:02:

In Reply to: Sysex: How? posted by doug on March 25, 2000 at 14:53:00:

The simplest way to play standard midi files in the QS (I have a QS-6, check your user manual if it's the same sequence of buttons on the QS-8.1) is to turn to general midi mode:

Press Edit Select, then Bank >, then press page > until GENERAL MIDI:OFF, then press value ^ once. The display will change to GM Multi. A lot of midi files will automatically send a GM on message in the beginning which will do the same thing.

Make sure on Cakewalk you have all the tracks sent to the midi port that your QS is connected to (whatever your midi interface is)

Pressing play on Cakewalk should then play the midi file.


: i know nothing about sysex, but it seems i need a sommand to put all tracks on controller 0 for voices and also to either turn gen midi on or off in global edit, depending on the nidi file. I am specifically referring to midi's i have downloaded and playing through cakewalk pa-9 and QS8.1
: Anybody's help, please??

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