Using the QS8 with a sequencer

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Posted by El Guapo on March 28, 2000 at 06:16:28:

after researching this for quite some time and weeding through a lot of misinformation i thought i would share what i have learned
first the simple way
make sure that your midi i/o is at the correct setting
hit edit select, global, page 15
set the keyboard to out 1 (page 6)
then put the QS in GM mode (page seven)
this should let you play a GM sequence
OK that's only one bank, but i've got a fully loaded qs with two cards, seven banks
that's a lot of patches you can't use in this mode!
change GM to off, (global page 15)
now load a sequence and try a different bank than the gm one
try a weird sound that you know
for pc there are some instrument definitions on the quadrasynth site for both cubase and cakewalk so you will know where you are
the mac can show you using OMS
what happens?
the drums are all !@#$%ed up
you have to pull up a drum kit instrument in this mode
there is one called pop up kit in preset bank 2, patch 120
drums don't have to be on channel 10 now, they can be anywhere
be aware that now you don't have a general MIDI sequence
this isn't gonna play right on your buddy's "sounds like ^%$#@! canvas"
but, you are now using the power of the qs

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