NanoSynth won't keep quiet

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Posted by Josh Anomaly on March 29, 2000 at 22:26:36:

I'm relatively new to MIDI and brand new to the NanoSynth, so all applicable disclaimers are issued on my part pertaining to my expertise in this regard.

I'm using a standalone hardware sequencer (Brother PDC-100) to drive both a Boss DR-202 drum machine (for drum sounds) and the NanoSynth (for accompaniment). The three devices are daisy chained together in this order:

Sequencer --> Boss DR-202 --> NanoSynth

My sequencer is transmitting the programmed sequence for the drums on MIDI channel 10 only. The DR-202 is responding normally. The NanoSynth is also responding, producing drum sounds, which I don't want it to do. I understand that the NanoSynth responds to all channels, all the time, and to fudge the shutting off of a channel, one must assign a silent program (bank 1, program 127) to the channel to be silenced. I've done this (from the front panel, following the manual's instructions) and yet the NanoSynth is still generating drum sounds. I've triple checked to make sure channel 10 (and all other channels) have been silenced, using a keyboard controller and incrementing through the channels, playing test notes to confirm that all channels are off. And to my keyboard controller, they do all seem to be off. But for some reason the NanoSynth is still responding to sequencer information being sent out along channel 10. What am I overlooking to make the NanoSynth stop doubling the part meant only for the drum machine?

Any help is appreciated. Let me know if there are any details I've left out. If replying via e-mail, remove the "NOSPAM" from the beginning of the address. Thanks in advance.

- Josh

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