Re: Pitch Bend Wheel- anyone else having problems with it?

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Posted by Woody on April 04, 2000 at 04:40:36:

In Reply to: Pitch Bend Wheel- anyone else having problems with it? posted by Jason Schoepfer on April 03, 2000 at 07:55:20:

I had this problem, if when you tightened that nut you noticed a litte bit of what looked like a green finger nail polish on it, if i remeber the color right, that is supposed to hold the nut tight after its tightened, so thats what i used to hold it after I tightened back up, I used a clear nail polish the wife has, and havent had a problem yet. just put a drop on the end of the bolt where the threads are. You could also use some Blue Locktight, but I couldnt find mine, at the time.



: Hi,
: I have noticed lately that my QS6 has been irregulary shifting pitch while I play (and will transmit MIDI data when I am doing nothing at all). I was first thinking it was a system probelm with the motherboard of the QS but when I did a system check, I found the pot readings for the pitch bend to be constantly moving. I took apart the QS (holy cow- there's nothing to these things!) and noticed the nut holding the pot resistar was loose. I tightened it up and the pitch problem went away. Now, after a few months, its back again.

: Has anyone else had this problem?
: I was thinking of cracking it open again and tightening it up but figured there must be a better way of doing this (I don't think I need to replace the section). I was hoping that I could use a non=slip spray on the rings but would like some advise.

: Thanks
: Jason

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