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Posted by Rod on April 05, 2000 at 04:56:54:

In Reply to: Serial Cable question posted by Jason Schoepfer on April 03, 2000 at 07:50:23:

Answering some of the questions

(1) Use of QS6's serial port disables QS's midi port, and vice versa.
(5) About half the time if you do serially.

Check Chris Papageorgiou's USE CARD GUIDE which you can find in this web site for some more useful regarding sample transfers.


: Hi again,
: Wanted to hear some feedback regarding using the serial cable (I have a QS 6). I have heard that it is faster. Questions:
: 1) will I have access to the MIDI ports on the QS still (or is it a one or the other situation)
: 2) will I be able to access the midi ports on my SB Live card still (so I can run my effects and vocoder off of them)-I am guessing that I will see my SB Live midi port and then the separate serial midi port driver in the listings?
: 3) will it be easy to route the signal from the serial cable to the effects boxes interally (via Cakewalk somehow). I know there are some routing capabilities but have never needed to use them as I always cabled in the effects and keyboard together.
: 4) What is the recommended driver to use in Win98
: 5) what is the time difference burning samples/sequences from Midi vs. serial
: 6) Finally, is it a tighter sync (I always get minor burps running via regular MIDI, and it never feels completely natural listening to the playback (even maxing out the ppq). I am hoping going serial means better response and tighter sync

: Thanks
: Jason

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