Re: QS6 and Cakewalk bank change problems

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Posted by coffeenudge on April 09, 2000 at 14:13:22:

In Reply to: QS6 and Cakewalk bank change problems posted by Joshua on April 08, 2000 at 17:23:17:

: Ok, first of all, I DO have General Midi turned off, I have Keyboard mode set to Out 1, Midi program select is turned on, I/O set to MIDI. I installed the proper instrument definition in Cakewalk, and I am using Controller 0. I've see this problem many times in this forum, but I don't know how anyone fixed it. Cakewalk shows all of the banks and patches, but when I use Cakewalk to change them on the QS6, it will only play the General Midi patches. It plays the right bank, but if I tell it (for example) to play Preset 2, it will always give me the GM patch instead. Any help would be appreciated. -josh

I have had lots of troubel getting my QS to play th ecorrect voices, and posted some msge here.
From what I have learned, I believe you chould change your keyboard mode to solo. Are you allowing a blank
measure b4 the song starts? Also, how are you changing the voices in the tracks? You can check the event list for
each track and see if the proper control 0 change is there. If not, then you can select the first event (doesn't matter
what it is) then hit the 'insert' key from your pc keyboard. this will give you a new event line with duplicate stuff in it.
Put your cursor at the 'kind' field, and double click. You should get a box of options where you can select patch
change, Click OK, then your new line will have changed to a contoller 0. One field to the right, a double click will
give you the menu for the bank and patch number you want.

An alternate method is to go to the bank and select a patch that is one number off (if you want bank 2, patch 76,
get in bank 2 patch 75) . then arm the track, hit the record button, then quickly hit the 6 on the patch to make it 76,
then hit the space bar to stop the recording. This needs to be done in that first blank measure.
Sorry if you already knew this, just trying to help.
Right now, i , too have turned GM off, and all my tracks are in QS voices. But I have 2 songs that I haven't figured
out, because they still only play correctly when GM is ON, and these are Tran-tracks pro midi's. This CW stuff isn't
fun in my book.

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