Re: Just purchased a version of Cakewalk 8....I'm already confused....HELP!

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Posted by Leland Dutcher on May 05, 2000 at 13:32:02:

In Reply to: Re: Just purchased a version of Cakewalk 8....I'm already confused....HELP! posted by uriel on May 04, 2000 at 12:03:57:

This is right. You send your keyboard's audio out to the audio in of the sound card. You'll need the right cables to get your left and right 1/4" outputs into a single stereo 1/8" input. One way is to use the cord that comes with many portable CD players, with 2 RCA male jacks on one end and a 1/8" stereo mini-jack on the other. Then buy two mono 1/4" jack to female RCA cables at Radio Shack to plug into your synth & you're set.

From within Cakewalk, you need to create two digital audio tracks in the same song as your MIDI file. You have to set the "source" to be your sound card's line input (instead of midi). Then, in audio recording options, select the record while playing back option. Arm the two audio tracks for recording and press record. You'll make an audio recording of your keyboard playing the midi file. Then select those two tracks and choose export and save as a wave file. This actually is a lot easier than it sounds! Good luck.
--Leland Dutcher

: ........If what you are wanting to do is save your midi file to a .wav and have it sound like it does while it's coming out of your keyboard, there is a way to do this by running your audio output on your keyboard back to your soundcard......and recording a .wav track in Cakewalk while the .midi file is playing back through your keyboard. How you may ask? I have no idea, but is a good site for Cakewalk users and I think they'd be very helpful. Wish I could be of more assistance but I'm still trying to figure out my problem with patches!

: Good luck!

: : I'm Brand spanking new to Cakewalk 8. I've been fooling around with it trying to get it down. One thing I can't understand is the EXPORT AUDIO option. It seem's simple enough but every time I try to save a midi as a wave file i get a message saying something like NO AUDIO SELECTED...CANCLED REQUEST(that's not the exact wording but it's close). I know I'm selecting the tracks I want to convert but it won't turn to Wave. I keep getting that message. What's the Secret? Is there something I should be doing before I record? Is there a procedure I should be following? HELP! PLEASE!

: : Cappy

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