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Posted by Peter on May 09, 2000 at 07:51:28:

In Reply to: Re: Qcard Slot problem posted by jean on May 08, 2000 at 20:46:13:

Thanks Jean,
But I have to disagree with one point (assuming I understood your point correctly) - I just verified that I CAN create a user mix that pulls programs (not just samples) simultaneously off both card "A" and card "B". I wonder why this would work for me and not for you?
I have a QS8 w/ V1.02 OS. Even so, re-creating the "bonus" banks is more work than I'm willing to do. Maybe I'll just pick a few of the best ones. Switching cards SHOULD be easy (as you say), but the back of my synth is "buried" behind a custom-built music holder, so I have to crawl underneath and get at them from behind. Stupid design - I can say that, since it was mine ;-)

: Actually, I think there is a solution. But it is not quick or simple.

: First, as I understand it, and from my own experience, you cannot access a program in a B-slot card for a User mix. Just ain't gonna happen.

: You can however access a sample on the B-slot card for use in a program on your User bank (or on the A-slot card). So in theory, the following ought to work.

: First, figure out which programs each of the mixes uses (with the card in the A-slot) Then copy each of the programs used in the mix to the User program bank, overwriting programs you would never use in a million years. Then go to Unisyn, go into each mix and change each program to the copied User bank program instead of the card program. Depending on where the samples are for the mix, you may also have to go into each copied User program and change the samples used to from slot-A to slot-B samples. (I'm not positive, but am pretty sure about this last step.)

: If all of this sounds like a bigger pain than switching the cards, that's because it is. I regularly carry 4-5 cards with me, including an SRAM card with tons of programs and mixes and a flash ram card with samples I'm tinkering with. I find switching cards is relatively simple, even at gigs.

: Good luck.

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