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Posted by Rod on May 12, 2000 at 11:09:09:

In Reply to: Noisy Qaudrasynth posted by Per on May 11, 2000 at 17:25:46:

I'm asuming you tried running the qs directly to the amp (or whatever you have) and checked for noise in the output directly. Being unfamiliar with the quadrasynth (I have a QS6) and with digital mixers (mine is analog; I've solved similar problems by appropiately adjusting the level and trim on the channel) my only suggestion would to keep the qs volume control high (close to max) to maximize the signal/noise ratio in the output electronics of the qs, instead of ajusting the gain. The high gain is probably causing the noise. My QS-6 output is actually high comparared to my other two synths, so I've never had much complains as far as that goes. Not much help, I'm afraid.


: I have just bought a yamaha 01V digital mixer. When i plugged in my Quadrasynth Piano Plus, the first thing i noticed was that the QS sounded very noisy. I had to put the gain on the mixer up to get normal level when the QS is played. The problem is that when i dont play the QS i here lot of noise coming from it.

: I have checked the cables wich are not noisy at all. It seems like the QS has a very low output. Anybody who recognize my problem and mayby have a solution?

: regards,
: Per

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