Re: I'm getting a concussion from banging my head up against this wall

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Posted by David Moore on May 14, 2000 at 21:19:03:

In Reply to: I'm getting a concussion from banging my head up against this wall posted by uriel on May 04, 2000 at 12:06:22:

: Addendum to my prior post, I've now tried inserting a bank/patch change in each track for the instrument I want, but it still plays a patch that is 6 away from the one I want. AGH!Any help would be welcome!
: I have just set up an Alesis QS-8 running to my computer via midi adapter to the joystick port of my SoundBlaster Live! sound card. I am running Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 with the 9.2 patch installed. My problem is: everytime I select a patch in the track properties (i.e., TrueHarpsi) the sound that plays through the keyboard is routinely 6 patches in front of that one (i.e., to actually get TrueHarpsi I need to select QS Tines). I have tried setting the Bank Select Method to Controller 0 as suggested in one of your posts, but it hasn't helped. I've searched through the documentation on both keyboard and Cakewalk with no avail. Any help or assistance would be beyond appreciated at this point!!!!!

: Thanks!

That is a really weird offset. Have you tried it and confirmed it happens in all positions? Actually, if
it were open or closed lines in the UART, I think
you would be seeing much other weirdness.

Are you using a map to set channels? If so, try entering
explicit channel messages as events (you will have to work
out the hex) and see if that gives you the right
patch. If so, your track map is messed up.

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