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Posted by Larry Kehl on June 09, 2000 at 17:40:50:

In Reply to: Midi Out Problems posted by Ender on June 06, 2000 at 20:19:39:

You say MIDI in works but make sure the switch on back (? I haven't a QSR for over two years) is set to "midi" and not "mac", "pc38.4" or "pc31.25" anyway.

In "global" are you in Normal, Ch Solo, or OUT1 - OUT16 ?? Set to Normal or make sure your software is looking on the correct output channel.

Is cubase actually set up to receive? I don't use cubase so have no way of knowning what to look at or for.

Other than that (and you really have checked everything else) - it may actually be broke.

PS The demos on most synths do not show up on MIDI out port - copyright issues(?) they even say that somewhere in the documentation.

: I'm having problems with my QSR not sending any MIDI out messages. I noticed this when trying to download all the patches into Cubase and nothing happened. It's connected to my computer thru a USB Midisport 2x2. Here's what I've done:

: 1) Double checked the cables (ins and outs, and swapped in case cable itself was bad)
: 2) Checked the MIDI setting in Global
: 3) Verified that the MIDI Thru and MIDI In are working
: 4) Tried transmitting patches/data from the QSR through Cubase & QS Soundeditor
: 5) Tried the demo songs on the QSR to see if they would show in Cubase

: None of these things helped. Any ideas?

: Thanks in advance.

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