You bought a real keyboard--now let's work on perspective...

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Posted by Steve G on June 20, 2000 at 13:27:50:

In Reply to: Hey Everyone!!!!!BUY A REAL KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!! posted by Razzy on June 14, 2000 at 21:30:51:

It really can be frustrating to feel like you made a bad purchase. Face it, for most of us, buying gear is quite an investment, and we want the most "bang for our buck." I think most of us would agree that Alesis fits that category of being a great value. All instruments have strengths and weaknesses, as do QSes. And yes, the character of the instrument does effect the music and the styles of music. (Didn't 80s new wave sound like one big DX7 demo?!) The medium is half the art.
Rather than gripe about what's not there, use what is. So what if the QS doesn't have resonant filters? My sampler does, I'll do filters sweeps on it. Or, I'll record my QS using a lowpass filter VST plugin. Or, I'll concoct something new on my QS that is completely different.
Before you trash your Alesis (or anything else), try doing something different. Load up someone else's program bank. Change effects settings. Use a different amp. Run it thru guitar stompboxes. Record it with your amp in the bathroom shower (with the water off!). Whatever. Rather than getting angry at the medium, let the medium inspire you! Being creative, you might come up with something that no one else has heard before, because no one else will hear it quite like you.

Well, that's all for my little rambling on creativity. Now close your browser and write some music... :)

: The QS7...8.....whatever! Sucks!!! Totally uninspiring! Harsh and cold sounding!!!!! No guts! No Balls!The service is awfull!!!!!Buy a Roland,Korg,or Yamaha....something......MUSICAL!
: (Yes i am a disgruntled QS7 owner who wished he had spent more time shopping around)
: Be wise....and try them all in your price range..alot...before you buy....Bye:)

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