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Posted by jayfm on June 26, 2000 at 09:12:02:

I use the QSR module with MOTU DP2.61 and Unisyn 1.5 on PPC 7600. I just thought that
I could configure FreeMIDI, Unisyn and DP and that everything would get along
well. This is the case for almost every function. I'm working in the MIX mode on
the QS, but first I understood that you CAN'T have all the QS sounds/banks at
your disposal (I mean the User, 3 Presets, GM and a QCard). We have to choose
between GM OR the other banks by enabling or not the GM set. Second, even with GM
off, I couldn't manage to have all the other banks AND the QCard sounds at the
same time. So I copied the QCard onto the Users bank. Then I had to do special
tricks like deleting the QS device in FreeMIDI and reconstruct it to be able to
see the new user patches in DP. I thought Unisyn was suposed to do that
automatically with the "upgrade patches" fonction but.... I think this is a bit
too much of a twisting. Anybody knows of a quicker way to use all that? And the
thing that I don't know yet how to do: having ONE (or more) drum sets at disposal
when I'm NOT in the GM mode? I've read about building one! It seems so tedious.
Anybody knows of a step by step explanation for QS and DP users like me?

Thanks for any information.


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