I am missing something VERY basic, I think

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Posted by Michael on July 16, 2000 at 00:05:36:

Can someone clue me in, please. I thought I could figure this out, and I will continue to work at it, but I’ve only had my QS 6.1 about 8 weeks and my BB size brain is missing something that I’m sure the manual is trying to tell me.

I have recorded one track w/ one program into Cakewalk. I have assigned that to MIDI channel 1. I want to play that back and record another track, then another, etc. You know, what you’re supposed to be able to do J (Yes my soundcard is duplex) On the QS, I have assigned MIDI channel 1 to one program and channel 2 to another. I have gone to the MultiTimbral Mix (User 00) and assigned those two programs to their respective channels. (this seems redundant, but I think I understand that part). Now I want to playback the track I have recorded, (which I can) and record something on track 2/channel 2.

My problem is when I push the Page key so I can play the program assigned to channel 2, channel 1 plays also. I guess that’s called ‘layering”. And it will record that layered sound back to cakewalk. Right now I haven’t gotten past recording 1 channel w/ one program. How do I play/record my new channel, listening to what I have previously recorded, ultimately being able to pick and choose which tracks to mute and solo while adding a new track? How do I turn off this layering? I don’t want to create a new sound out of multiple programs, I want to have several programs assigned to respective MIDI channels like a multitrack.

This has got to be something simple and like I said, the manual just isn’t talking to me. I haven't delved too deeply into the global functions honestly, other than to change the I/O to use the serial port.

Thank you.

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