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Posted by Steve G on July 19, 2000 at 09:47:27:

In Reply to: adding a click in cakewalk posted by Bman on July 17, 2000 at 23:28:09:

: I am importing midis with full drum tracks and would like to record a click track to replace the drums,
Try this:
*Mute the drum tracks in Cakewalk.
*Set a new track to a midi channel other than your drums (which are probably on midi 10) and record a one-measure click track.
*copy this measure and select paste. Set the number of times to copy to the number of measures in the song minus one.

If you have your QS on stage, I would set the program's bus for this click track to 'aux'. That way, you can play a stereo mix through your mains and run a set of headphones from the auxillary outputs for your drummer.

: Can it be configured to work completely onboard the PC without even sending to the QS?
If you'll have your PC on stage, then you could change the midi device for the click track to you soundcard's 'onboard' midi device. (On SB Live, for example, this could be synth A, synth B, or the SoftSynth). Then you could drive your drummer's headphones from the PC card's audio output (probably need a headphone amp...), while you send the rest of the sequence to your QS via midi out.

If you're using just your PC on stage (no QS), yeah, try panning the click track hard left and everything else hard right. Then, you could run the right channel to the amp/mixer and the left channel to the drummer's phones.

: Confused yet? Me too.
I hope this helped. Maybe it will spark some ideas...

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