change in volume of some sounds on my qs6

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Posted by Brian Cameron on July 20, 2000 at 15:56:39:

First off, I'd like to say this is my first post -- I'm glad I found this site -- it has already answered a couple
of my questions (for example, how to correct the "flat" sounds when playing back from Cakewalk.
I've just started playing with the qs6 and cakewalk. I actually got my qs6 about 4/5 years ago but
it was used mainly in piano mode while I took lessons (until I got a real piano). Now that I've put
in the time learning (and getting my grade 6) I want to have some fun.

I have changed very few settings -- those necessary to get the qs6 talking to all of Cakewalks'
banks (general midi off). So it is pretty much as it was when I unpacked it those many years ago.

I've noticed that some sounds on the qs6 (PROG GenMIDI 71 CLARINET) have a
loss of volume when playing them; for example, if I continue to play C4-G4 up and down, the
volume varies drastically -- from normal to almost silent. I'm trying *real* hard to play the notes
at the same pressure. Note, it is not always the same notes that play quiet -- it varies. Also,
this is unique to the qs6 (it has nothing to do with Cakewalk or the pc -- I cound unplug the midi
cables and this problem still exists.

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions


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