QS+ sounds and the Logic environment (PC version)

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Posted by Harry Erametsa on July 22, 2000 at 05:23:11:


I include here the question I made to
Alesis concerning the use of Logic Audio Platinium
(PC-verion) and QS+. As you can see, Alesis
didn't know the answer to my (and many many other's)

The situation suprises me: Logic software is one
of the most common sequensers in the world and
Alesis do not support this product!!!

I am grateful if you have any hints for me which could be useful.


Finland, Helsinki

Logic uses files called "environments" to support patch names in
synthesizers. I know that you can find Mac versions of these environment
files for Alesis keyboards at MIDIWorld.com's Unofficial Alesis site
http://midiworld.com/quadrasynth/ .
I am not aware of a PC version that you can download. There is a discussion
board at this same website. You might want to post a message and see if
anyone has created their own environment. You also might want to email
Emagic and see if they have the environment file you are looking for.

Thank You,
Ben Ling, Alesis Tech Support

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From: Harri Erämetsä/Netresponse Systems Oy
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 2:00 PM
To: support@alesis.com
Subject: Quadrasynth Plus Piano


I've been some years owner of the Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano Keyboard.

Although its not the newest product I find it still very good instrument,
the sounds are OK.

I just got one major problem: I use my Quadrasynth with Emagic Logic
sequenser (version PC/Windows Audio Platinium, 4.21).
For some reason Logic doesn't know Quadrasynths sound library in its synt.
sound name library, although the library includers about
20 most popular synt. keyboard products. Have you any idea how to make my
Quadrasynth work with Logic (i.e. how to change the
QS banks and sounds from the Logic software and get all the soundnames of my
QS to the sequenser automatically)?
Why doesnt the Logic support Alesis?


Harry Erametsa
Helsinki, Finland

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