Programming QS7.1 contollers,pedals,etc for splits

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Posted by Mark Greenberg on July 25, 2000 at 14:46:49:

I've just spent the latter 2 days trying to program my QS7.1 for live playing. Eg: Splits for bass on the lower half/keyboard for upper half.
The manual says you can do the following but doesn't tell you how[unless
I missed it!] How do you[?]:

1. assign the sustain pedal to function as an on/off switch for
effects-ie. turn leslie on/off w/foot for the upper split?
if not, can you have the mod wheel turn on the leslie and 'not' have it
effect the bass w/modulation?
2. assign controller A to control volume on the lower half of split- ie.
have bass volume independent of pedal 1 which is controlling the upper
voice[kybds.] assign controller B for volume on upper if needed?
3. in mix mode, can you change the kind of reverb effect- ie from hall
to room for the keybd and shut off the reverb on the bass?
I'v been able to do all the above w/DX7II and a Kurzweil PC88mx and was
hoping to be able to duplicate these features w/QS7.1
Mark Greenberg

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