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Posted by Michael on July 28, 2000 at 00:18:47:

In Reply to: Re: Two interesting problems... posted by Bob on July 27, 2000 at 22:53:54:

: : I have a QS6.1 and Cakewalk Pro7. Two nights ago I ran into a couple of problems that aren't necessary related, but are happening at the same time.

: : Both issues involve the PortaWheel program (105 in user bank 2 I think - I'm not in front of my synth). The PortaWheel patch functions similar to the Pitch Wheel, but pitches up or down from one note to the next, say from C2 to C6, and vice versa.

: : It is assigned to channel 6 and other stuff is on 1-5. I'm set up in Multi-timbral w/ MIDI OFF, KBD Mode OUT 1.

: : When I record, two things happen:

: : 1)MIDI channel 1 sounds with 6. Where is that coming from? Why do they seem to be linked? I've deleted channel six, skipped it, and assigned the output to 7, and it still happens. I'm really puzzled about this.

: : 2)The program isn't changing pitches. Let's say I want to start at C2 and go to C5. I'll strike C2 to set my starting point. When I go to C5, I just get the note on C5, but the synth doesn't pitch up to it. HOWEVER, if, within some short time period, I want to pitch up or down again and strike a key, it works!? But if I wait too long (?) and strike a key, all I get is the note assigned to that key, with no pitching. AND of course, I still have the problem listed in #1 above.

: : Actually, I don't even have to be recording, just in Multi-timbral mode for these things to occur. The patch works fine when I'm out of MIX mode and over in Progam mode.

: : Any clues??? I'm totally stumped.

: : tnx, Michael

: The Portawheel patch uses the mod whl (cc#001) to adjust the portamento rate parameter. Your problems could be associated to this. First check the channel Group function in your Mix mode to see if Ch.1&6, or any others are assigned to a play group.Next, check the controller assignments in the Multi-mix to make sure they are assigned correctly. Remember that any control change 001 messages from cakewalk or other sources will affect the port rate on this patch.

Thanks for the info. This is all very new to me. The synth is about 3 months old and my MIDI knowledge along with it. At the risk of sounding like a complete dolt, I'll say that the QS 6.1 manual is less than intuitive in some regards and I haven't found anything that remotely resembles a Channel Group Function to check in the manual or in the various Edit screens. What you say makes complete sense to me, but Alesis decided that their table of contents was better than an index. They should put the manual on one of the CDs that come with the synth so it could be searchable for idiots like me.

As far as adjusting the portawheel patch "portamento rate parameter" and control change 001 message, I'm embarassed to say that I hardly know what you are talking about. I'm almost overwhelmed with the challenges I have here. Each step of the learning curve gets steeper it seems. Between this and trying to understand MIDI synchonization to my digital multitracker, sometimes I think I'd be happier banging on trashcan lid and blowing in a coke bottle, changing the water level every and then!

I'll stick with it. It's a shame that the self-proclaimed ex-rock gods at the local music store won't support the brand just because I bought the synth on line and not from them.


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