change in volume of some sounds (take II)

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Posted by Brian Cameron on July 29, 2000 at 14:43:52:

I recently posted a problem with the volume of some sounds dropping off while playing at what
I felt was pretty much the same pressure. It was suggested (thanks Jean) that it was the
sensitivity of pressure/velocity. I don't think so.

I select "PROG User 85 - Spring Boy" and play the sequence "C D E D C" over and over. I am
pressing these notes as *hard* as I can. I'm also playing them legato. The very first "C" plays
and *all* other notes remain silent. The interesting thing is that when I play the notes stecatto
they all sound.

Can someone with a QS6 (not a QS6.1) give this a try and let me know if they experience the same
drop-off of sound when playing legato?

Thanks... Bri

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