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Warning ! Some of the sequences may overwrite user programs
and mixes. Always backup your User Bank before playing any MIDI files.

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QS6 Sequences
  • "Pictures from far away" - by Eberhardt Pfeiffer
    1. Dorcas is a little girl from Kenya, I know her from many letters and photos.
    2. Genf is an inpression from a ride to the lac leman (Suisse).
    3. Willanov is a little Castle near Warshaw (Poland).
    4. Orlik is another little castle at at lake in Bohemia (Czechia).
    5. Vauxbuin is a cemetary of the world war in the Picardie (France).
    6. Lenz is an adaption of an old german folksong (Nun will der Lenz uns grüssen).
    7. A rain hangs over the river is an impression of the Dnepr (Ukraina).
    8. Das Bäumchen (the little tree) is my own christmas-song.
    All composed by Eberhardt Pfeiffer, Arnstadt, Thüringen (Germany)
    Played and mixed with Alesis QS6 and Cubase 3.0 (Steinberg)
    The songs will change the User-Mix 00
    Contact: EHPfeiffer@aol.com
  • Buenos Dias - by Markus Eigner
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
    Here is another old song of mine.
    I made it before I found out how to use controllers like modulation, expression, pan etc.,
    so it´s a very simple song, but nice background music for a slide show, so
    that´s why I called it "Buenos Dias" ("Dias"=german for "slides" :-)
  • Came Up In A Flash - by Erik Bouw
    This is a new song of me, it's in fact my very first song that i sent onto the internet. It's made for the QS6 Wich in my opinion is a great Synthesizer, i bought it half a year ago and i have made several song with it. It's Plug & Play so you don't have to switch a thing. Please enjoy and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to E-mail me at; Hans.Bouw@Tip.nl or if you send it after june 1st it'll be; Erik.Bouw@Tip.nl. Greetings Erik Bouw.
  • Tribe - by J.J.Dekker
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
    The author's comments:
    After mastering Cubase & the QS6 i am back again, i have developed my style to a little bit funky club music, the QS6 is not the best synth for this kind of music, but i would not trade it in for another.....
    I am waiting for the vintage card to appear in Holland, and the eprom upgrade also...
    Anyway here is a new song, this is the kind of music i like, imagine this one played by a TR909 and a JPad patch in Program mode (modified AIRPAD patch) this sequence is not finished, it has nearly started.... it is only for other QS owners to feel the Vibe you can create with a QS synth....
    Enjoy..................GrtZ.......... Da. J.
    (P.S. if ya like this kind of stuff, or want to give any comments, or want to modify it feel free, but give me also a copy of what you've done with it........> just for fun......!!!!!)
  • Faultline - by David Young
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral), GM=OFF.
    The author's comments :
    Faultline -Midi file for QS6 (QS7+8 -check patches)
    From the picture of the same name!
    Take it for a spin and play loud.
    Alternative drum patch -Preset1 122- 9 Time
    Try different effects for taste!
    Comments to Dave at lcyoung@es.co.nz
  • 0007 Etud Public Version - by ERN0 (Ernest Zalka)
    Instructions: It's Plug And Play. Do not switch anything on da QS6.
    Warning: User-000 program will be overwritten.
    The author's comments:
    It's my 7th work for the QS6. The full version is longer because of the vocal parts
    (I haven't finished yet, I have no idea for lyrics).
    My brother said that the drum-filling is not acceptable for most people (...-4-4-3!-4-4-... rhythm), but I left it in.
  • 54-SMOOTH (Cakewalk .wrk file) - by Marty Danko
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
    Writen in Cakewalk 3.01, email me any comments/suggestions! Enjoy ...!
  • Jazzy version of the X-Files theme - by Stephen Rudolph
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
    The xfile song contains 2 wave files. Not all sequencer or midiplayer recognize wave files.
    Download the waves.zip file only if your sequencer can handle embedded wav files. (midisoft studio or Cakewalk for example).
  • Think Twice - arranged for the QS6 by Martin G C Davies
    Apart from being a great piece of music to start off with probablythe most notable bit is that there need be NO setting up of a QS6 to play it because it contains the appropriate sysex codes to turn gm mode off, switch to mix mode and setup all the other stuff needed (reverb etc.) for the song (unless someone tells me it doesn't work on their QS6!). This file is a backing track, with the sax lead (and a bit of backing sax). These tracks were just thrown in as a guide and should be turned off to get what I really worked at (the band I'm in has a dream of a female singer who makes this sound absolutely wonderful - even with my average backing vocals
  • For da QS6 - by J.J.Dekker
    The author's comments:
    Just bought the qs6 a few days ago, my first sequence, place the pitch wheel down the contr.A fully up and enjoy, this file is CAKEWALK 3.01 prof. and please use the instrument def on thiz page bcause i don't know if you get the right patches, and then you can see which i used, the squence is'nt perfect yet but updates will follow when i have full controll of this great synth.......
    O.K. just Roll The Drumz........
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
  • Happy - by J.J.Dekker
    Thiz is a happy hardcore song... it's very simple but the bass kicks ass!! i am not trying to be creative thiz, is just an example of how simple you can make some eurodance/happy hardcore on your QS6 > The Best!!!!!!!

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QS7, QS8 and QSR Sequences
  • Block - by Joshua Schpok
    Here's a little modern ditty I made on my QS7.
    It's all GM sounds, but it obviously sounds better on the QS.
  • Save the Best for Last - by Tom Klepl
    Save the Best for Last / Vanessa Williams (I took the General Midi file that I got from a pack of midi files from the net and chose the appropriate instruments, set up proper mix and effects sysex settings, and tweaked some of the notes.)
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF
  • Wrong Together - by Boris Wiedenfeld
    It's a beautyful tune written by Steve Swallow called Wrong Together.
    Instructions: It should be palyed on a QS7/8 in Program mode on USER 00 Pure Stereo
  • Thematic Gel - by Aleks Ozolins
    Just got a QS7 for Christmas. My first attempt at a midi file for this great synth.
    Contains a pleasent "new age" sounding theme.
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF
  • Dr. Groove - by Aleks Ozolins
    A very cool jazz piece with a discoey, groovy feel.
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF
  • A Cumulative Effect
    1. Bob Dole's Excellent Napalm experience
    2. Son of Crimson
    3. Finale, or 70' Redux

    A three part ballet for synthesizer and aging hippies. by Bruce M. Satinover
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.

Emerson Lake & Palmer
  • Close To Home MIDI transscription of Keith Emerson's composition.
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
  • Jeremy Bender MIDI transscription of the popular ELP tune.
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
  • Benny The Bouncer MIDI transscription of another ELP song.
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
  • The Barbarian MIDI transscription of a Bartok / ELP piece.
    Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral) GM-Mode=OFF.
Keith Emerson's Home Page
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QuadraSynth Plus Sequences
  • Four original sequences for the QS+ - by J.C. Myers
    1. Fantasy
    2. Flow
    3. Goodnot
    4. Half
    These files are all original compositions made in realtime recording with no quantinization.
    Just put your QS in mix 00 GM on. I would like some feedback, thanks and enjoy. - J.C. Myers
  • Jazz - by Brendan Davis
    Original User Bank for the QS+ Piano Could not construct SySex data, so here are the corresponding MIDI channel Instruments:
    • Channel 1: Bank: User - Program #4
    • Channel 2: Bank: 1 - Program #39
    • Channel 3: Bank: 4 - Program #32
    • Channel 4: Bank: 4 - Program #11
    • Channel 5: Bank: User - Program #22
    Any comments or suggestions please e-mail: MIDI77@aol.com
    Brendan Davis
  • Strike (For QS+) - by Dennis Schissler
    Author's Note: STRIKEQS.MID - Some USER patches will be overwritten when loading this file !*
    It's an upbeat dance style tune that uses some custom patches from this Web Page.
    Hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think!

    * User Bank locations to be overwritten : 29, 30, 39, 43, 48, 50, 54, 95, 107, 110, 111, 123.
    If you have your favorite killer custom patches stored in any of these locations, save them before loading this file ! (Les)

  • Strike (For QS+ and Rap/Techno/Dance Card) - by Dennis Schissler
    Author's Note: STRIKE.MID - This file requires the Rap/Techno/Dance Quadracard.
    Some USER patches will be overwritten when loading this file.
    It's an upbeat dance style tune that uses some custom patches from this Web Page.
    Hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think!
  • Trace - by Dennis Schissler
    Author's Note: You must have the Rap/Techno/Dance QuadraCard for this MIDI file. Note that the SYSEX will overwrite a few USER patches when this song is loaded. NO LOOPS WERE USED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS PIECE! Enjoy it - it's about as Techno as I get.
  • Nitro Flux - by Dennis Schissler
    This piece uses several patches downloaded from this page. Note that some USER patches will be overwritten when this piece is loaded. The MIX patches will remain unaffected unless the user hits the STORE key. Hope you enjoy it!
  • Karn Evil 9 1st Impression (Emerson Lake & Palmer) arranged - by Bob Forsyth
    I cannot take full credit for this..............it was originally a download from Gabor's prog-rock home page, and was a standard midi file. While this file was excellent to begin with, I felt that my Qs+ could do it more justice with a little tweaking here and there. The original file also had a few timing mistakes which I have done my best to correct. All credit must go to Gabor's home page and the person who originally did the work..................WELL DONE! I think you will all enjoy this one.............have fun shaking the house with it!!!
  • Drifting (36kb) ( Our first MIDI file, from Sandy Dunn . )
    A Midi file for the Quadrasynth range of synthesisers - definitely not a GM Midi file. This is my first attempt at a Midi File for the QS - in fact my first ever published Midi File. I hope it inspires you to do better! Feel free to distribute it as you wish, but please distribute this text file with it. To play it, put your Quadrasynth in Mix Mode and then hit the play button on your favourite Midi player - the Midi File will fill your Edit buffers with the Mix and program details necessary to play this song, and will NOT overwrite your user bank, unless you choose to store the mix. I composed this on a Quadrasynth S4+, using a Korg 01w/ProX as the master keyboard, and Cubase Score v2.02 as the sequencer (on an IBM compatible 486 DX2-66). I trust the song will sound ok on the Quadrasynth Plus Piano, but cannot guarantee results on the original QS or S4 or on the QS6. Let me know what you find.Any feedback welcome.
    Sandy Dunn

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QuadraSynth and S4 Sequences

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Rap/Techno/Dance card MIDI files
From the QCard Demo CD :

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General MIDI Sequences
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