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Posted by Brian Cameron on July 30, 2000 at 10:20:10:

In Reply to: Re: Freeloader problems posted by Rod on July 29, 2000 at 21:58:16:

: Brian-

: the original freeloader version should work. Try this

: (1) Make sure your computers midi out is connected to the midi in the alesis. Start up the freeloader software
: (2) In devices make sure your output and input port are set correctly.
: (3) Load up the bank into freeloader: Select the drive and directory on the lower left side, and then the file name on the lower right side. Double click so that it shows up on the center box. Do not use open File - open (which only lets you open .frl files as you mentioned)
: (4) The .syx file should now show up on the box on the center of the freeloader screen.
: (5) Select it and hit play. (the ">" button)
: (6) Assuming nothing else goes wrong, you should see the screen in freeloader indicating the file transmission. The screen of the alesis should also show "Receiving MIDI data"...

: That's it. You should now see the new bank when you go through the user bank. Assuming you haven't changed anything in the user bank your qs6 has the original user bank so you can reload it anytime.

: Rod

Thanks Rod, that has gotten me one step closer; however, when I select the QESENSE1.SYX file off the cd and
press ">" I get the message "unable to play playlist entry". Under devices I've selected "sb16 midi out" and I've
verified that the midi connection works (I recorded and played back via cakewalk). What mode does the qs6 need
to be in to receive the file? The QS6 manual doesn't talk about *loading* banks (or at least I can't find it) but it
talks about "saving" banks.

Thanks... Bri

: : I read a posting that said you can load more sounds into the user bank with the freeloader
: : program. I discovered that freeloader v1.0 is on the alesis CD that came with my QS6. I fired it up,
: : but it only allowed me to load fiels with the filename extension of *.frl (not *.syx). The sysex
: : files on the CD have an extension of syx.

: : So, I copied the files to a temp directory with an extension of *.frl and loaded up one of them.
: : The problem then is all of the instrument names are garbage (wierd characters) and when I
: : press the ">" button to play them there is no sound. I'm not really to keen on loading this over
: : top of my existing virgin-factory user sounds if they turn out to be crap. I don't have a real good
: : feeling about this.

: : Anyone else experience this?
: : Is there a newer version of freeloader out there?

: : Thanks... Bri

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