Newbie need knowledge dump

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Posted by Steve on September 23, 2000 at 15:39:49:

I have read the manual - each time I pick up a little bit, but jeez it assumes one knows alot. Has anyone written a primer for people like me?

1. How do get MicroLogic to recoginze all the programs like "Rockin B3" instead of "Rock Organ"?

2. Everytime I try to set my own mix, it's different the next time I run ML or turn on/off the synth. Anyone know why? Just what is the step-by-step for simply playing along a grand piano with a metronome from ML for example? I either get drums with my piano or no piano (1,10).

A simple how to book for beginners SPECIFIC TO THE QS would be a real asset. When I look at all the old archives I see a lot of similar questions and complaints, but no real answers.

If no one has it, after I GET IT, I'll make these simple Q/A available.

Thanks for allowing the rant and please offer any help.

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