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Posted by Rod on September 23, 2000 at 18:14:15:

In Reply to: Newbie need knowledge dump posted by Steve on September 23, 2000 at 15:39:49:

The problem is that a lot of times the questions are specific to different sequencing programs... I use cakewalk 9 so I will try to shed some light (hopefully!)

: 1. How do get MicroLogic to recoginze all the programs like "Rockin B3" instead of "Rock Organ"?

A sequencer usually send a program change command at the start of a track in a sequence. Look thru the documentation and see how that is done. In cakewalk you have 'definitions' which allow you to choose a program by name... the bare bones way to do it see how the alesis addresses banks and specific programs within a bank, and setup a program change command for the organ sound you want.

: 2. Everytime I try to set my own mix, it's different the next time I run ML or turn on/off the synth.

(1) refer to # 1.. you might be setting up 3 programs within a mix, each with its own midi channel... but when you play the sequence, ML sends a program change command to change the program in the individual channels, and screws things up. You have to choices : disable sending these messages or prevent the QS from receiving them (it's covered in the manual) (2) As far as the mix being different when you turn off/on the synth.. are you saving them to the user bank? are you overwriting the individual programs that encompass the mix... remember for the mix to sound right all the individual programs in the mix must reside where they were when you created the bank.

: Just what is the step-by-step for simply playing along a grand piano with a metronome from ML for example? I either get drums with my piano or no piano (1,10).

You have to setup a mix with a piano sound and a drum set. Make sure your sequencer is receiving what your playing in only the piano sound channel, and sending the metronome track to the other. Again, you'll have to suffer through the ML documentation to figure this out, as every sequencer is different.

check out
there's a forum about micrologic. try posting sequencer specific questions there, since you'll have the opposite problem, people familiar with the sequencer but not the synth! The forums there usually kick ass, so good luck.

I'm assuming this is the sequencer that came on the cd rom with your qs, so there's got to be other people who use this in this forum...

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