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Posted by Chris on October 19, 2000 at 09:19:51:

In Reply to: Re: Hooking it all to a PC, using Cubase posted by Rod on October 18, 2000 at 10:12:44:

Thanx Rod, I really appreciate your help!

I'll give it a try and I'll keep you posted. In the meantime I have also installed Cakewalk, to see if anything will be easier...



: OK, now we're talking. I have a better idea where you running into problems.

: For starters, you don't need the serial driver (the asdwin driver) if you're going to use standard midi connections. There's two ways to exchange midi info in a qs. With the midi in and out ports to the midi in and out of the soundcard (With the joystick cable) OR from the serial connector on the back of the QS to a serial port on the PC (and in this case you need the drivers).

: Since it looks like you've hooked up the midi ports with the 'joytick cable' let's stay with this approach.

: Make sure you set the QS to send and receive midi thru the midi ports and not the serial port (there's something in the global settings)

: Make sure your cubase software is set to send and receive midi data to the midi port (usually called MPU-401 port). By default the sequencer I think tries to look at the soundcard 'synth' chip. There should be some kind of global setting. If you installed the serial driver it may even be configured to look at that.

: If nothing shows up you may have to install midi drivers in the PC.

: On an earlier posting I gave someone step by step instructions on using Freeloader. but for the time being try to get cubase to work 1st and the rest will follow.

: Try this and let me know how you make out.

: Rod

: : I installed the drivers as per the manual: drivers installed come from the CD provided with the QS6-1, they are located in the /alesis/asdwin directory.

: : They have been installed succesfully. Then I installed the other software included, Soundbridge & Freeloader.

: : I already have the Cubase vst Vers. 5 Software installed on my PC. Now, I want to know if I need to do any special set-up to have Cubase record anything from the QS6. I just can't seem to get my PC & the QS6 to communicate in any way. (I have tried with Freeloader & Soundbridge with no success)

: : I have connected the QS6 & PC together with a midi cable (midi in & out) that goes to the PC Joystick connection.

: : I think there is two options :

: : 1)
: : Altough I did follow the manual step by step instructions, I might have missed something in the QS6 midi set-up.

: : 2)
: : Maybe I missed on something with Cubase or the PC midi settings.

: : In any case, I still can't get any sound from it.

: : Any help would be greatly appreciated.

: : Thanx in advance,

: : Chris

: :
: : : There are a few steps. I don't know of any step by step guide, other than something in the cubase manual (I use cakewalk). If you outline exactly what you've done, we can point out what you missed.
: : : Rod

: : : : Help!

: : : : I'va just bough a QS6 and I want to hook it up to my PC. I have bought a midi cable to do so (it connects to the joystick slot) and I have also installed the Midi Drivers. But I still can't anything to work... Does anyone has the stp by step procedure on how to make this work so I can record my stuff???

: : : : Thanx

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