Problem with Right Output on QS 6.1

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Posted by jean on October 24, 2000 at 17:22:24:

I am having an intermittent problem with the right output on my QS 6.1. Sometime it just doesn't seem to work. Other times, the signal is greatly diminished and there is distortion (like there's a short). I've switched cables and monitors, so I know its the board, not stuff external to the board.

Now here's the weird part. I can eventually get the problem cleared up by cycling the board on and off several times (sometimes, many times) with all output, headphone and footpedal lines disconnected from the board. Its almost as if the QS is having problems recognizing that I am using it in stereo mode, rather than mono mode (which I sometimes use at gigs).

I've been thinking about cracking the case and checking the output connections inside the board. But I don't know how tough a job that is.

Any ideas out there?

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