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Posted by Mike B on October 25, 2000 at 00:03:55:

In Reply to: help - this is driving me nuts! posted by Michael on October 23, 2000 at 11:20:50:

How do you switch to "drum mode" in Cakewalk 7.0? I normally use midi channel 10 in Cakewalk, with the bank select method set as Controller 0.

You may want to ensure that Cakewalk is using the Alesis Instrument definition file for channel 10, and it isn't assigned to a DR5, etc. (You can set Cakewalk up to use different instrument definition files for different midi channels).

You would have to use the Eurocard instrument def. file for Cakewalk (or the comparible Cakewalk INS file for whatever Q-card you want to use) to access the sounds on that Q-card. The standard Alesis INS file doesn't have definitions for any of the Q-card slots A and B.

I found loading the Q-card INS definition files into Cakewalk would overwrite the standard Alesis INS files that were alread loaded into Cake, until I renamed these Q-Card INS files inside of Cakewalk first. It almost takes knowing how to write your own INS files to get it to work properly. Once I did this, then I could load both the standard Alesis INS and Q-card INS files into Cakewalk, and assign whatever midi channels I wanted to use to those respective channels.

BTW - You want Gen Midi mode turned off using this method.

: Ok,

: Alesis QS6.1
: Cakewalk Pro 7
: KbdMode set to Out1
: Multitimbral User 00

: I earlier asked for an instrument definition file that describes all of the percussion instruments of each patch 120-127 for each bank, because when I switch to Drum Mode in Cakewalk, I see the different Kits for my Dr5 (and some Roland and Yamaha stuff that I can probably remove) but not the Alesis stuff.

: I discovered a couple of things:

: With General MIDI turned ON, I see the GM drum kit, but have the situation described above. ALSO, I can't access the Preset 3, the User or my Eurocard. The patches all sound like Preset 2.

: With General MIDI turned OFF, I get various Alesis drum kits, but now my patches sound cheesy like cheap Casio GM.

: Just when I thought things were fine...

: What have I done wrong?????

: Thanks

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