Serial drivers with windows me?

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Posted by Mike Dallin on November 22, 2000 at 12:54:04:

I've had a lot of trouble getting my qs8.1 working with a new computer system, and
was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

The deal:

Originally I had it hooked up to an older machine via the midi/15 pin cables, and all
worked well. Now I have a laptop (ibm thinkpad) running windows millennium, and
am trying to hook it up using the serial connection.

So I did all the usual stuff: switch on the back set to PC, speed at 38.4, installed
the alesis serial driver and have it point to the correct ports, etc... but still unable
to communicate with the keyboard. I even tried the Roland driver, still no dice.

So, I called alesis tech support. They said that the drivers *may* not work on
Window Me, and that he vaguely remembered someone a week or two ago having
a similar problem getting Freeloader to work on Windows Me, but he didn't sound
too convincing to me that incompatability with the driver and the OS was the
problem. He recommended either waiting until alesis writes a Windows Me version
(which he said will be sometime next year, according to rumor), or get a Midi-USB
cable and connect with that (and I assume he is talking about something like the
Midisport interface, as I can't find a generic Midi-USB cable anywhere).

So, before I spend $$$ on a midi interface that may or may not work, has anyone
had any luck getting the serial drivers to work on Window Me? Or for that matter,
connecting via a Midisport using Windows Me?

Thanks in advance!


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