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Posted by Jon on November 25, 2000 at 08:35:22:

In Reply to: Serial drivers with windows me? posted by Mike Dallin on November 22, 2000 at 12:54:04:

Are you sure your using the latest driver version 3.04? Also, does your Thinkpad have a pcmcia modem card? This can create a conflict. Pcmcia card modems in that pc demand to be on com2, the same port that the QS serial drivers really want to use. When I had a Thinkpad, I had to create a second hardware configuration which disabled the modem..


p.s. If the above doesn't solve your problem, let know. I recently upgraded my pc to ME, but havn't used it with my QS8 yet. If necessary, I'll drag my qs8 into the basement with my pc and try it out.

: I've had a lot of trouble getting my qs8.1 working with a new computer system, and
: was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

: The deal:

: Originally I had it hooked up to an older machine via the midi/15 pin cables, and all
: worked well. Now I have a laptop (ibm thinkpad) running windows millennium, and
: am trying to hook it up using the serial connection.

: So I did all the usual stuff: switch on the back set to PC, speed at 38.4, installed
: the alesis serial driver and have it point to the correct ports, etc... but still unable
: to communicate with the keyboard. I even tried the Roland driver, still no dice.

: So, I called alesis tech support. They said that the drivers *may* not work on
: Window Me, and that he vaguely remembered someone a week or two ago having
: a similar problem getting Freeloader to work on Windows Me, but he didn't sound
: too convincing to me that incompatability with the driver and the OS was the
: problem. He recommended either waiting until alesis writes a Windows Me version
: (which he said will be sometime next year, according to rumor), or get a Midi-USB
: cable and connect with that (and I assume he is talking about something like the
: Midisport interface, as I can't find a generic Midi-USB cable anywhere).

: So, before I spend $$$ on a midi interface that may or may not work, has anyone
: had any luck getting the serial drivers to work on Window Me? Or for that matter,
: connecting via a Midisport using Windows Me?

: Thanks in advance!

: Mike

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