Need Help with QS6.1 Synth (Qcard/Slot Issues)

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Posted by John Brown on December 31, 2000 at 18:47:04:


I recently purchased a QS6.1 synth AND a QSR synth module. I own 7
Qcards. My rational for by an additional module was to be able to access
4 Qcards simultaneously via the PCMCIA expansion slots. Here is where
the problem comes in. I have 7 cards. During my creative process, I
don't want to have to switch in and out cards for sequencing. I want
everything at my fingertips. So my reasoning was that since I have two
user banks (one on the QSR and one on the QS6.1), I would overwrite the
QSR's user bank with a mixture of Programs and Mixes from my remaining
3 Qcards. In this way, I could then access 4 QCards via the slots and a
hybrid/modified bank of the QSR user bank. The problem is that I have
been hearing that although I can copy individual programs/mixes to the
user bank from various Qcards, the source Qcard of any program/mix
copied to the user bank will STILL have to be resident in one of the
slots to play...This defeats my whole purpose of having so many Qcards.
What other alternatives do I have. If I make a Flash of combined
programs/mixes from my remaining 3 Qcards, I give up one slot AND still
am stuck with two USER banks that I don't need. What is the whole point
of expansion if you can't access the sounds simultaneously. The JV-2080
can take 8 cards with MOre memory. Am I overreacting...should I sell my
alesis gear and go Roland? Or is there a way to turn one of my user
banks into a copy of at least one of my 3 remaining Qcards while still
keeping 4 totally different cards in the slots (for a total of 5 cards
accessible).... Please help.

John Brown

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