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Posted by may on February 04, 2001 at 08:29:56:

In Reply to: Re: QS 6.1 Setup Problem posted by may on January 15, 2001 at 23:52:04:

Hi Wayne,
THanks for helping..

Im having problems with midi set up n getting sound.
FOr your information, im using midi cables.
These r the stuff i wanna hook up with.

1. QS 6.1 Keyboard
2. PC
3. sound module
4. cakewalk 9

There r a few things i need to know whether im on the right track.

This is what i set In my Keybaord :

(in Global Edit)
1. midi out : thru
2. I/O : midi
3. Midi PrgSl: On
4. Genrl MIDI : ON
5. Kbd Mode: OUt01( Local off)

Im not sure what else i ve missed if ther is any.

My problem is I can't listen to my keyboard while Cakewalk is on.

COuld it be the driver, soundcard???

PLease Help me as im really confused n lost.DOnt; know what else i can do
and whats is missing over here.

i ve successfully import
instrument definition files. I can choose the pathes from my QS
THe problem i m having now is..

In track properties-SOurce:

I can record using Stereo Game compatible Device
but not the Midi Chanel 1( if i select midi chanel
there is nothing showed up-empty)

THe next problem is:

once i recorded something
(mean i can see the box in color showing that
something has recorded)using Stereo Game compatible device,
as a source,I still hear no sound when it was playback.
YEs.. i see red light, when i press record.. the line moves.

Another problem is:

Whenever i set Port to Qs ,channel to 1, bank and patches to Qs
before recording.
after i ve recorded something,
the Port will automatically switch QS to SB16 Playback(220)
therefore the channel, bank and patches all become none and zero.

I checked the midi input in project Option-its checked Auto.

one more thing.. i should be eble to hear what i play
eventhough i m not recording when cakewalk is on.

i was wrong, there is no midi signal when i play QS..
the signal is the metronome from internalmidi.

so that means.. there is something to do with the midi connection?

ok let me tell what i ve hooked up.
i have midi in and midi out from QS connect to my cpu. thats all.
maybe i need more connection?

One thing i dont; have midi interface.
I have a QS keyboard n module. do i need interface?
i am confused.

To surmerize a few quick Questions:

1) i can here the Qs when im playing when im not in cakewalk
Provided that the kbd mode is in Norm( means local on, right? )

2)Yes, the track is armed n looped

3) THere is no midi data in the track.(empty)

.. it might be the sound card.. do u have any idea?

ONe more Q.. Now i m stuck with getting my sound module playback from my QS 6.1
.. I have hard time understanding QS keyboard. Please help...

THanks a Zilllionnnnnnn..

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