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Posted by f3 on February 14, 2001 at 14:23:01:

In Reply to: *** Sequencing my QS with Cakewalk *** posted by Nelson Vaz on February 14, 2001 at 03:56:18:

Nelson -- A few answers below for some of your questions --

: 1) Is it possible to use various factory Mixes at the same time? I mean, suppose I have Mix1 which uses channels 1 and 2, and Mix2 that uses Channels 1, 2, 3 and 4. If it’s possible to use these 2 mixes at a time, how can I address and control each of it so that the various midi channels can be correctly separated into various tracks?

f3: Simple answer is no, you can't use two mixes at a time as you set it out in your quesiton. I can envision a work-around where (using your example) you reassign Mix 2 to channels 3,4,5&6 AND structure tracks in Cakewalk that send the same sequence info to each of those channels so it operates like a mix, but that makes my head hurt just thinking about it ....

If you are doing multi-channel sequencing, start getting used to using the Multitimbral (User 00) patch which is set up for any or all 16 channels. (And make sure GM is turned Off.)

: 2) While sequencing various patches, Mix mode is required. How do the effects work? Can you use different effects for each individual program? Or inside a Mix the effects are fixed to all the programs? If so, how can I use, let’s say, delay on a leads programs, reverb on drums, overdrive on guitars, etc etc?

f3: Simple answer to "can you use different effects for different programs" is yes to a limited degree, and keeping in mind that using QS effects patches in Mix mode with different instruments on various channels is a pain to get right. It helps (I think) to envision the effects in the QS as if they were a small rack of effects boxes outside of the QS that you'd access by real wires. Whether you're using a single program on one channel, or playing 16 different programs on 16 different channels, you've still got that one small rack of effects to run things through. You do have some flexibility to configure that small rack of effects in various ways so that you can send some channels to one part and other channels to another part, but if you have several programs on several channels playing all at once, some will have to get wired through the exact same effects, which means compromises and different sounds than you might get when you are just using one patch on one channel and have access to that whole rack. As for details of how to do it, you'll have to read the manual. Write again if you have a very specific configuration you're going for and can't get it to work.

: 3) Finally, I’m having a problem. When I choose sounds on Cakewalk’s main window, bank and program change are correctly transmitted to my QS. But, let’s say I have 5 tracks each on a different midi channel, when I move the cursor in cakewalk, I cannot hear the proper sound on my QS. Rather, I must use the page buttons to choose the midi channel so that I can year that sound in solo. Before, with other synths, if I’d select a track on Cakewalk that would immediately change the sound to that precise midi channel chosen on cakewalk rather than on the synth.

f3: Not sure I understand this question correctly, but I think the problem is solved by being in Multitimbral Mix mode with the appropriate patch changes set on each track / channel.


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