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Posted by Shattre on February 16, 2001 at 18:32:02:

In Reply to: Re: *** Sequencing my QS with Cakewalk *** posted by f3 on February 14, 2001 at 14:23:01:

There are two possible reasons for your problems here:

First, make sure you're using the Multitimbral mix (User: 00)

1. The keyboard isn't set up properly to recieve midi program change commands - Goto page 14 of the Global edit function ( [Edit Select ] [Global] ) and MAKE SURE that this peramitter is set to ON. If it is turned off, it will not respond to incoming program changes as well as it will not send program changes. If it is set to "MixSl:Ch#" it will set one channel (the one you select) to change the Mix and not just the program within the channel. So if you assign channel 16 as your mix select channel, any program change on channel 16 will actually change the mix to the program change being recieved instead of setting channel 16 to that perticular program within the mix. You can see how this is INCREDIBLY usefull if your doing live performance and say, using a MidiBuddy foot controller to change your mix setup, as well as playing a sequence, if you have a break in the sequence, you can basically switch to 15 completely new patches. Most likely, you have this option set to "Off", also make sure that "Genrl Midi" (Page 7 Global edit) is set to OFF, this will just not read the bank of your program change and force the program change to bank 4 (GenMIDI), which is only usefull if your quickly playing back a General Midi file that would usually be played on another synth or computer, and you want a certain amount of compatability.

2. Make sure Cakewalk is setup to send patches before playback. If it doesn't, it will rely on the current settings in the Multitibral mix. I'm not exactly how to do this in Cakewalk, I use Finale to write music these days, and do everything there, and use Cakewalk to mix down and record wav files. But I have playedback midi data in cakewalk before, and I don't remember having to set this option, it seemed to do it automatically, but maybe that option was just on by default.

- Eric

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