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Posted by greg on March 03, 2001 at 21:55:21:

In Reply to: QS7 midi problems posted by Jon on March 03, 2001 at 20:48:33:

"i am using a universal sound card MIDI connector cable which has a joystick connector on one end and MIDI IN and OUT on the other. i figure the problem may be related to the fact that i should've gotten a cable with a joystick connector on one end and to the port connector on the back of the QS... shoudl i be using this kind of cable?"

I have windows 2000 with Roland Serial driver, and it works fine. You just have to set the MIDI I/O to one of the PC settings, just not MIDI. However, from what you said, it sounds like the cable you're using doesn't connect to the serial port anyway, so you don't need the Roland serial port driver. For the joystick port method of connecting, connect the in/out midi side to the out/in connectors on the QS (the QS'send out should be sending data to the cable's midi in cable), set the QS i/o to MIDI and make sure that your soundcard (or joystick port) has a working MPU-401 drivers. I'm not sure how well these work in windows 2000, but I should think it would work. In that case, just set the computer's midi in/out to the mpu-401 method.

If you do want to use the serial method (which works fine for me under win2000 w/the roland driver), you can get a special adaptor cable that goes from QS serial (which is actually a macintosh-cable port) to a PC 9-pin or 25-pin connector. Mine ran me around 15 bucks off Ebay, and i think it's (i think) $20 or $30 from Alesis.


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