Flash RAM and SRAM and other Alesis gear going cheap at Guitar Centers - and other Alesis gear

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Posted by David Moore on June 08, 2001 at 07:54:06:

I just picked up mine, so now I will let the world know! (only slightly ;-) )

Guitar Center is blowing out their Alesis stock because of the uncertainty of
the future (ie, Alesis gear could all end up orphaned.)

I expect of particular interest to this group will be SRAM cards for $29.95 and
Flash RAM cards for $49.95.

Not all Guitar Centers have these in stock so you will need to call around. Any
given Guitar Center can look up what stores are holding stock on the computer,
so if they do not have it, you can find a store that does.

In theory, they can order stock for you from the other store but in practice,
for products like this that are not stocked in large numbers, you are probably going
to dip out if you ask them to do that. I had to drive across town to get mine.

So, now I have an SRAM and a flashram in my QS8 and I am having fun. Its amazing
how some new sounds can revitalize a synth. I am going to sample some organ sounds from
my WSR module and write them to flash ram so I don't have to lug that module with me all
the time, as well the piano sounds from the same module that I like to layer
with the piano from the Alesis to get more "plink".

BTW, they are blowing out all sorts of Alesis gear. Some things are better deals than
others. Not sure if they have dropped the prices on the QS range or not. They always
like to put "list price" next to everything but this, of course, is not the price they
were selling at before the blowout, and the QS range were already well discounted
from list. They have some compressors, midiverbs, and such at good prices.

BTW, the flash ram card had no Alesis ID on it - it just said FAD008, which is the
correct part no. The SRAM was in Alesis packaging with a manual and claimed to be
pre-loaded with a number of bankc, but in fact mine was totally empty. Its
possible I will need to replace the battery.

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