Re: Flash RAM and SRAM and other Alesis gear going cheap at Guitar Centers - and other Alesis gear

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Posted by Martijn on June 09, 2001 at 09:46:18:

In Reply to: Flash RAM and SRAM and other Alesis gear going cheap at Guitar Centers - and other Alesis gear posted by David Moore on June 08, 2001 at 07:54:06:

Does anybody know where to get cheap flashcards in europe??

: I just picked up mine, so now I will let the world know! (only slightly ;-) )

: Guitar Center is blowing out their Alesis stock because of the uncertainty of
: the future (ie, Alesis gear could all end up orphaned.)

: I expect of particular interest to this group will be SRAM cards for $29.95 and
: Flash RAM cards for $49.95.

: Not all Guitar Centers have these in stock so you will need to call around. Any
: given Guitar Center can look up what stores are holding stock on the computer,
: so if they do not have it, you can find a store that does.

: In theory, they can order stock for you from the other store but in practice,
: for products like this that are not stocked in large numbers, you are probably going
: to dip out if you ask them to do that. I had to drive across town to get mine.

: So, now I have an SRAM and a flashram in my QS8 and I am having fun. Its amazing
: how some new sounds can revitalize a synth. I am going to sample some organ sounds from
: my WSR module and write them to flash ram so I don't have to lug that module with me all
: the time, as well the piano sounds from the same module that I like to layer
: with the piano from the Alesis to get more "plink".

: BTW, they are blowing out all sorts of Alesis gear. Some things are better deals than
: others. Not sure if they have dropped the prices on the QS range or not. They always
: like to put "list price" next to everything but this, of course, is not the price they
: were selling at before the blowout, and the QS range were already well discounted
: from list. They have some compressors, midiverbs, and such at good prices.

: BTW, the flash ram card had no Alesis ID on it - it just said FAD008, which is the
: correct part no. The SRAM was in Alesis packaging with a manual and claimed to be
: pre-loaded with a number of bankc, but in fact mine was totally empty. Its
: possible I will need to replace the battery.

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